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Pittsburgh Rankings - Best Cities Rankings & Accolades


Pittsburgh is consistently ranked among the top places to live, work, and visit in the United States, and even the world. Major travel and financial organizations regularly mention Pittsburgh as one of the most livable cities with first-hand cultural attractions and a healthy economy.

1. 10 Cheapest Last-Minute Getaways 2012 - Hotwire.com

Pittsburgh was named the #1 cheapest last-minute getaway by Hotwire.com in this 2012 list of 10 destinations in the United States where travelers found the most significant last-minute hotels bargains, versus general rates on Hotwire.com. Pittsburgh, billed as the "Paris of Appalachia," was praised for its "thriving arts scene," inexpensive hotel rooms, and great shopping bargains (clothing is exempt in the state of PA from sales and use tax).

2. Top 7 Family Destinations for 2012 - ABC City Guides for Kids

ABC City Guides for Kids ranked Pittsburgh a #1 travel destination for families, stating "The Heinz History Center and the Carnegie Science Center are world class. Ride the Duquesne Incline for the best view of Kidsburgh and the city's 3 Rivers. Visit Primanti Bros., the Strip District and Andy Warhol Museum."

3. 10 Most Literate Cities - CCSU

This annual survey, conducted by Central Connecticut State University, has consistently ranked Pittsburgh on its 10 Most Literate Cities list since the survey began in 2003. Rankings are based on number of bookstores, newspaper circulation, educational level and libraries.

4. 25 Best Places for a Working Retirement - Forbes

Pittsburgh ranked #20 on Forbes' 2012 ranking of 25 best places for a working retirement. Citing an unemployment rate of 6.6%, and solid job growth, Forbes also praised Pittsburgh for its low cost of living (6% below the national average) and high numbers of physicians-per-capita, but warned that the winters here are cold.

5. Best Places to Retire 2012 - AARP

Pittsburgh ranked #7 in AARP's 2012 list of "10 Best Places to Live on $100 a Day," with accolades for the city's beautiful skyline, affordable arts, terrific food, and recreational opportunities. According to the article, Pittsburgh has 194 sunny days per year and a median home price of $106,500.

6. 10 American Comeback Cities 2012 - Forbes

Lauded for its economic turnaround begun in 2009, Pittsburgh is discussed extensively in Forbes' article on 10 American Comeback Cities, a version of which appeared in the March 12, 2012, issue of Forbes Magazine. The city is recognized, among other things, for its strong new economy built around higher education and healthcare, as well as the presence of tech-leaders such as Google, and the world’s largest “living” green building at the Phipps Conservatory.

7. 20 Best Trips 2012 - National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic's Traveler magazine named Pittsburgh among its 20 best trips to make in 2012, one of only two American cities to make the list, joining such world destinations as the fjords of Iceland, the oasis of Oman, and the sun-drenched beaches of Thailand. Pittsburgh was especially noted for its art, architecture, and "quirky sense of humor," mentioned for its role as a stand-in for Gotham City in the 2012 blockbuster Dark Knight Rises.
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