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Tracking Gas Prices in Pittsburgh

How to Save Money at the Pump


Gas keeps America moving, to the tune of almost 200 million gallons per day. It is also an important part of most household budgets. As long as cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles run on gasoline, gas prices continue to affect almost every part of our economy - from the cost of our daily commute to the price we pay for goods and services.

While price fluctuations in gasoline tend to be relatively stable over time, rising and falling gas prices at the pump feel more like a roller coaster ride - sometimes quite a bumpy one. There are several ways to minimize the impact of fluctuating gas prices on your wallet, including reducing your gas usage and finding ways to pay less for gas.

Pay Less for Gas
When gas prices start to rise, these sites can help you plan your fuel costs and shop around for the cheapest gas prices in the greater Pittsburgh area. Just remember, driving halfway across town for the best bargain will defeat the purpose!

  • Pittsburgh Gas Prices - Get the scoop on the highest and lowest gas prices at stations around the Pittsburgh metro area. People from all over Pittsburgh submit gas prices from local stations to this popular forum. Sort by gas price, neighborhood, or gas station.

  • Pennsylvania Gas Prices - Check out the highest and lowest gas prices across the state of Pennsylvania.

  • U.S. Gas Price Watch - Enter your zip code to find the lowest gas prices posted by volunteer price spotters in your Pittsburgh neighborhood.

  • AAA Fuel Gauge Report - Derived from credit card transactions at over 60,000 gas stations around the country, AAA's daily fuel gauge report is updated each business day. Provides details on average gas prices in Pittsburgh and other Pennsylvania cities, as well as the rest of the U.S.

  • Shop Your Way to Fuel Savings - Purchases made with a Giant Eagle Advantage Card® at select Giant Eagle stores can earn discounts on gas at participating Giant Eagle GetGo locations. Since the discounts are per gallon, be sure you head to GetGo with an almost empty tank for the best savings.

Use Less Gas
Finding ways to reduce your gas usage helps save money and is good for the environment!

  • Increase Your Fuel Economy - Did you know that maintaining proper tire pressure on your car can boost fuel efficiency by as much as a mile per gallon? And that's just one of many ways that you can fine tune your car and driving to cut down on gas consumption.

  • Don't Sit in Traffic - Plan your trip before you leave home to avoid traffic jams, road closures, and construction delays. Real-time commuter info on roads across Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania is available online.

  • Ride the Bus - Save on parking and gas by taking PAT transit. If you don't live in convenient walking distance of a bus stop, then head to your nearest Park and Ride lot.

  • Consider Carpooling - Share the driving and enjoy the ride! Commuteinfo.org provides a free rideshare match service for Southwestern Pennsylvania motorists.

  • Don't Drive a Gas Guzzler - Today's popular large trucks and SUVs aren't known for their good gas mileage. If you're in the market for a new car, don't forget to take average gas consumption into consideration.

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