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Permits, Licenses & Registration Requirements in Pittsburgh, PA


Pennsylvania has a number of license and registration requirements for residents of and visitors to the state. Learn more about specific Pennsylvania licensing requirements including drivers licenses, voter registration, boat registration, hunting and fishing licenses, pet licenses, and building permits.

Pennsylvania's Driver's License:

New residents holding a valid driver's license from another state must obtain a Pennsylvania driver's license within 60 days of establishing a permanent residence in Pennsylvania. No knowledge or driving test is required to exchange a valid out of state driver's license, but you will need to pass a visual screening test. If your out-of-state driver's license has expired, you will need to complete all Pennsylvania testing requirements.
How to Get a Pennsylvania Drivers License

Pennsylvania Voter Registration:

In order to vote in local, state and national elections in Pennsylvania, you must become a registered voter in the state after fulfulling the state's thirty-day residency requirement. Since Pennsylvania is a closed primary state, only people who are registered for a specific political party can participate in primary elections for that party.
How to Become a Registered Voter in Pennsylvania

Pet Licenses:

Pennsylvania law requires all dog owners to obtain a dog license. If you live within Pittsburgh city limits, these must be purchased from the city. All other Western Pennsylvania residents can obtain dog licenses from the county in which they live. There is no state or county wide licensing requirements for cats. Local municipalities may require an additional license for your dog, cat or other household pet.
Pet Owner's Guide to Western Pennsylvania

Boat Registration:

Any boat powered by gasoline, diesel or electric motor is required to be registered in Pennsylvania. Unpowered boats are not required to be registered, but registering an unpowered boat allows it to be used at a PA Fish & Boat Commission access area or lake, or at Pennsylvania state park lakes.
Boating & Water Sports Around Pittsburgh

Fishing License:

Except for a few select Fish for Free days, a current Pennsylvania fishing license is required for anyone age 16 and over to fish or angle for any species of fish in Pennsylvania. This applies to both residents and non residents.
How to Get a Pennsylvania Fishing License

Hunting License:

You must hold a valid license to legally hunt, trap, take or kill wildlife in Pennsylvania. First time license buyers must successfully complete a Hunter-Trapper Education Course and produce a valid Hunter-Trapper Education Card.
How to Get a Pennsylvania Hunting License

Building Permits:

Building permits in Western Pennsylvania are regulated at the municipality level - city, borough or township. In general, a building permit is required for all new homes, home renovations, garages, sheds, fences, and swimming pools. Fees and building code requirements vary by municipality.
Allegheny County Municipalities

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