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Allegheny County Property Tax Assessment Guide

Understanding Your 2005/2006 Property Assessment


A common topic for discussion among Allegheny County property owners, property assessments in Allegheny County have risen dramatically since the court first ordered a complete reassessment of all county properties in 1997. Since that time, Allegheny County has regularly revalued and reassessed properties within the county. Beginning with the 2006 tax year (property assessments released in early 2005), Allegheny County is moving to a triennial reassessment of all county properties - generating a new assessment and fair market value for every property in the county once every three years.

Current property assessments and tax values can be viewed online for homes and properties in Allegheny County by visiting the Allegheny County Real Estate Web site.

You can search by street, block/lot number, or name to bring up information about a particular property - including its owner(s), previous and current assessed values, tax payment history, a physical description and photo of the property, and links to surrounding comparable properties.

Allegheny County Property Assessment Q&A

Filing a Property Assessment Appeal

Every property owner in Allegheny County has the right to appeal their property assessment. The appeal must be based on the assessed market value of the home, and not on the homeowner's ability to pay property taxes. If you believe that your 2006 assessed property value is incorrect, you need to submit a completed 2006 Assessment Appeal Form to the Board of Property Assessment Appeals by May 2, 2005.
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