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Pittsburgh Radio Stations

An unbelievable variety of music, talk, and news is available on these radio stations serving the Greater Pittsburgh area. Try something new today!

88.3 FM WRCT
Broadcasting to the Greater Pittsburgh area from Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland, this free-format station leaves all programming decisions up to the DJs, for one of the most diverse listening experiences in Pittsburgh. Also broadcasting via MP3.

89.3 FM WQED
Classical music from Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting includes a classical summer concert series and streaming audio broadcasts via the Internet.

90.5 FM WDUQ
News and jazz, brought to you by the Public Radio Station at Duquesne University.

92.1 FM WPTS
An educational, noncommercial radio station operated by the University of Pittsburgh. One of the major college radio stations in the U.S. and an important outlet in the Pittsburgh market for alternative music.

91.3 FM WYEP
A great easy listening mix from this Public Radio Station to take you through your day. Don't miss the concert calendar or the Saturday Night Brigade, a radio program featuring acoustic music and family fun each Saturday morning.

92.9 FM WLTJ
Lite FM - continuous soft rock favorites. Promoter of the Afternoon Market Square concert series, bringing live music every summer weekday to downtown Pittsburgh.

93.7 BZZ FM
Known for 22 years as B94, 93.7 BZZ 93.7 is a top-40 station bringing the Pittsburgh area "all of today's new music." Popular for its morning show with Dave, Bubba, Shelley, Brian, and Aimee; plus its summer concert series.

94.5 FM 3WS
3WS - call sign WWWS - is a popular Pittsburgh oldies station, primarily featuring hits of the 60s and 70s. Morning show hosts, Merkel and Dickson, also have their own site - Merkel & Dickson Morning Show.

95.3 FM WJPA
This oldies station operates out of Washington, PA and is also on the AM dial at 1450.

Similar in format to WBZZ, KISS-FM is a Pittsburgh area top 40 contemporary radio station.

96.9 FM WRRK
Pittsburgh's classic rock station with the popular Quinn in the Morningshow! Don't miss the artist links!

99.7 FM WSHH
Wish FM  features the best music from Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Gloria Estefan, Elton John, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Cher, and many other of today's favorite artists. Listen live over the Internet.

100.7 FM WZPT
Star 100.7 labels themselves as Pittsburgh's best variety.  The Web site is only a splash screen with no information.

101.5 FM WORD
Christian music station with a live radio call-in show every weekday.

102.5 FM WDVE
WDVE rocks the Burgh! Check out their Web site to email your lunchtime music requests, view crazy photos sent in by listeners, check out DVE sponsored events including fireworks at the Point, and get the scoop on the morning show.

105.9 FM WXDX
"The X" is best known for it's Sunday night radio show the Pittsburgh X files - 60 minutes of Pittsburgh's best bands.

107.9 FM WDSY
Located at 107.9 on the FM radio dial, Y108 is the country station in Pittsburgh. Welsh and Woody host the popular Y108 morning show.

Southwestern Pennsylvania's "local" radio station since 1937 is located in Uniontown PA and offers news every hour, informational and talk shows, and sports updates and analysis.

Broadcasts Echoes of Erin, Irish and Celtic radio programming, each Sunday at 1:00pm.

1020 AM KDKA
Home of the Bucs (Pittsurgh Pirates), this is also the radio station to visit for the latest in news and school closings.

1250 AM WTAE
One of Pittsburgh's oldest radio stations, WTAE is an all sports radio station and home of the Pittsburgh Steelers Radio Network.

1410 AM KQV
All news, all the time, KQV is one of the original five radio stations in Pittsburgh, and one of only three "K" stations east of the Mississippi.

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