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PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Baseball Fan's Guide to PNC Park


PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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PNC Park, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the perfect blend of modern-day amenities and old-time character. It offers the intimacy of Forbes Field, the original, beloved home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, with none of the intrusive poles or cramped seats. PNC Park has a natural grass playing field, two-tiered seating and wide open views, yet you will also find luxury boxes tucked subtly under the upper deck.

Because of its intimate design, the highest seat in PNC Park is just 88 feet from the field, giving every fan in the park an ideal sight line. The outfield wall at PNC Park rises up to 21 feet behind right field (in honor of the Pirates legendary right fielder #21, Roberto Clemente) and drops down to just six feet in front of the left field bleachers. This means that every game brings boaters out in the river hoping to retrieve a home run ball (from home plate to the Allegheny River is just 443 feet).

Pittsburgh Legacy

For baseball fans, PNC Park abounds in history, with statues of legendary Pirates' players -- Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell -- guarding the perimeter. The Home Plate Rotunda, a continuous ramp from street level up to each seating level, is adorned with the actual newspaper headlines describing the best moments from Pirate History. The Left Field Rotunda, another circular ramp behind the left field gate, displays large tapestries of Pirates player baseball cards through history. The luxury suites at PNC Park are even named after great seasons in Pirates history. Pittsburgh itself was the inspiration for the rhythmic arches and natural materials of PNC Park. The combination of rugged limestone and exposed blue steel honors Pittsburgh's strong steel heritage and historical architecture.

Location, Location, Location

Offering scenic views of the downtown Pittsburgh skyline and riverfront, PNC Park takes full advantage of its stunning location along the shore of the Allegheny River. It is a true neighborhood ballpark in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh - with easy access by car and riverboat, as well as on foot via the riverwalk or from downtown across the Roberto Clemente bridge, which is closed off to vehicular traffic on game days.

What's So Great About PNC Park?

PNC Park is approachable, yet excitingly urban. Designed to fit snugly within the existing city grid (no mean feat!), it is also situated to allow the majority of spectators a spectacular view of downtown Pittsburgh from their seat. PNC Park has the perfect retro feel and cozy intimacy of ballparks past, with all the luxuries and advances of today's superparks. Not to mention the beautiful Pittsburgh panorama that bursts upon the scene where the ballpark ends, creating the perfect complement of sports and urban life.

A fitting homage to Pittsburgh's 115-year relationship with the Pittsburgh Pirates, PNC Park is considered by many to be the best ballpark in major league baseball - the perfect blend of location, design, history, comfort and baseball. Come and decide for yourself!

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