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Fall in Western Pennsylvania


Rich, vibrant fall foliage and scenic vistas filled with color paint the charming towns and beautiful rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania in autumn. The fall foliage show in Western Pennsylvania peaks during the second and third weeks of October.
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Fall in the CemeteryPicture of fall foliage reflected in the waters of Slippery Rock Creek in Western, PennsylvaniaFall Foliage Reflected in Slippery Rock CreekCountry Pennsylvania RoadCornfield in Autumn
Fall LeafLakeside Fall FoliageRailroad Trestle & Fall FoliagePumpkin Patch at Simmons Farm
Fall Foliage Photos - Longhouse Scenic Byway Allegheny National Forest, PennsylvaniaFall Along the Longhouse Scenic DriveFall Picnic SpotMonongahela River in the FallPiles of Pumpkins
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