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At the turn of the century, when railroads were considered a fashionable way to travel, the Pennsylvania Railroad erected the Union Train Station in Pittsburgh.
The Pennsylvanian Rotunda, formerly Pittsburgh's Union Station

The Pennsylvanian Rotunda, formerly Pittsburgh's Union Station

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The Pennsylvanian Union Train Station, designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, features a masonry exterior, marble floors, ornate terra cotta and plaster work, a central atrium covered by a large skylight and a spectacular entry rotunda. The beautiful example of early 20th century architecture is located at Grant Street and Liberty in downtown Pittsburgh.

The Pennsylvanian Union Station underwent a massive renovation in 1987 and is included in the National Register of Historic Places. The upper floors serve as a 12-story luxury condominium building, with the first floor serving as special events space. Amtrack still runs trains out of the basement of this magnificent structure.

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