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Shadyside - Neighborhood of Pittsburgh


Shadyside Neighborhood of Pittsburgh
City of Pittsburgh
Woods and farmland, replete with shady lanes at the time of its development in the mid 19th century, provided the inspiration for the appropriately named Shadyside neighborhood, in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End. Thi residential Pittsburgh neighborhood, popular with students, faculty and staff from nearby Carnegie Mellon University as well as young professionals, offers city living with a village-like feel.


Shadyside is surrounded by the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Bloomfield, Friendship, East Liberty, Point Breeze, and Larimer. Shadyside was the original name of the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in that area.

Attractions & Recreation:

Walnut Street and Ellsworth Avenue, Shadyside's prosperous commercial and entertainment core, offer a bustling atmosphere of boutiques, shops, lounges, and restaurants designed to suit the discriminating tastes of residents and visitors.

Homes & Housing:

Well-maintained, stately Victorian mansions stand in quiet elegance alongside carefully restored homes. Apartment and condominium buildings full of hardwood floors and old-fashioned architectural character, along with newer, modern homes and buildings are woven together, making a unique and beautiful neighborhood.

Since the 1920s, a mix of affluent families, young professionals, artists, students, and apartment dwellers have settled in Shadyside.

Shadyside is represented by City Council District 8.

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