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North Shore - Neighborhood of Pittsburgh


Just across the Allegheny River from downtown Pittsburgh lies what most people term the North Shore, loosely defined as the land lying north of the Allegheny River and south of Route 65/Interstate 279. The western half of this small neighborhood is actually the official North Shore neighborhood, while the eastern half, is technically the Chateau neighborhood. Allegheny Avenue serves as the border between the North Shore and Chateau communities - Heinz Field is on the North Shore side and the Carnegie Science Center is on the Chateau side. Here, we will collectively refer to these two neighborhoods as the North Shore.


Pittsburgh's North Shore community sits just across the Sixth and Seventh Street bridges north of Downtown Pittsburgh, and is surrounded by the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Manchester, Allegheny West, Central Northside and East Allegheny.

Attractions & Recreation:

The North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh is home to Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, and PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. The North Shore also boasts the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Science Center, and North Shore Riverfront Park, and is the future home of Don Barden's new Majestic Star Casino.

Homes & Housing:

This once desirable residential community is now primarily a business and recreational area. There are a few residential options - most notably the Heinz Lofts (located in the former factory buildings of the historic H.J. Heinz Plant) at the far east end of the North Shore, but the majority of the area homes, condoes, apartments and lofts are found in surrounding North Side neighborhoods such as Manchester and Allegheny East.
North Shore is represented by Pittsburgh City Council District 6.
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