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Chartiers City & Windgap - Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh


Chartiers Township was named for Pierre Chartiers, a trapper of French and Indian Parentage, who spied for France while living in Philadelphia. Chartiers left that city, moving west to establish a trading post at the mouth of the Chartiers Creek, which he discovered in 1743.

By 1808, Congress had declared Chartiers Creek a navigable and public highway forever; such was the importance of its location to the nation.


The Chartiers City and Windgap neighborhoods are located on the far west of Downtown, and are surrounded by Fairywood and Sheraden. These neighborhoods are conveniently located with easy access to the Pittsburgh International Airport and are just minutes away from the McKees Rocks business district and the Crafton Ingram Shopping Center.

Attractions & Recreation:

In addition to playgrounds and picnic shelters, Chartiers Park is home to some of the best softball and baseball fields in the City of Pittsburgh.

Homes & Housing:

The Windgap and Chartiers City neighborhoods have a distinct post-war suburban character. Most of the single family homes are one-story ranches and bungalows, surrounded by flat, well-kept lawns and large backyards.

Chartiers City is represented by Pittsburgh City Council District 2.

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--Neighborhood description courtesy of the City of Pittsburgh. All rights reserved.

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