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Allegheny West - Neighborhood of Pittsburgh


Allegheny West is a tiny, historic neighborhood on the city's North Side - officially the smallest neighborhood in Pittsburgh. In 1990, the City designated the residential sections of the neighborhood as a City historic district, encompassing about 210 buildings. Allegheny West has surged in popularity in the last decade. Its residents include young single professionals and families.


Allegheny West is located north of Downtown Pittsburgh and is surrounded by Allegheny Center, Chateau, Central Northside, Manchester, and the North Shore.

Attractions & Recreation:

A short stroll from Allegheny West is a mix of entertainment -- Heinz Field, PNC Park, Carnegie Science Center, the Children's Museum and the National Aviary.

Homes & Housing:

At the turn of the century, the homes in Allegheny West were the estates of some of Pittsburgh's most prestigious families. The meticulously restored structures now represent a mix of single family homes and apartments, condominiums, and office buildings. From the robber baron mansions on Millionaire's Row (Ridge Ave. and Brighton Rd.) to the tiny servants' homes in the alleys, the housing in Allegheny West is an interesting mix.
Allegheny West is represented by Pittsburgh City Council District 6.

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--Neighborhood description courtesy of the City of Pittsburgh. All rights reserved.

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