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Inline Skating & Skateboarding

Whether you're looking for fun, recreation or exercise, there are plenty of skate parks, trails and roller rinks where you can give your wheels a whirl. Includes places suitable for roller blading and skateboarding in the greater Pittsburgh area.
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Best Places to Skate Around Pittsburgh
You've mastered the basics of inline skating, and you're ready for something new. For a change of pace, grab your skates or skateboard and head to one of these popular alternatives to skating around your driveway or street.

B-Cubed Skatepark
This large public skatepark in Moon Township is located at the Airport Ice Arena has a bowl, half and quarter pipes, a 12' wall, grind rails and a street course.

Mr. Small's Skate Park
This outdoor skate park along the Allegheny River features an in-depth street course with ramps and hits for skateboarding, in-line skating and freestyle biking. Includes a 40 foot wide vertical ramp, a cafe, and lessons, classes and party packages.

Three Rivers In-line Club
This nonprofit, volunteer group of concerned, dedicated skaters sponsors weekly skates and other great skating events and opportunities around the Pittsburgh area.

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