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Hunting Pittsburgh & its Countryside

Where to Hunt in Southwestern Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania has millions of acres designated for hunting - as big an area as Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island combined. The rolling countryside surrounding the city of Pittsburgh has its fair share, offering plentiful opportunities for successful hunting.

Big Game Hunting

One of the best spots near Pittsburgh for hunting can be found at Hillman State Park and the adjacent State Game Land 117 in Washington County. All told, these lands combine for more than 8,000 acres of spectacular natural environs where the most common big game found here, deer and wild turkey, are plentiful. Washington County had the second most deer kills in the state in 2004, and boasts five PA state game lands.

Westmoreland County is where most of the deer in the state are bagged, more than 14,000 in 2004. PA State Game Land 42, the largest public game lands in the state, is popular with deer hunters. The terrain is steep and rugged, following the Laurel Ridge, and is a place that big bucks like to hide. The Loyalhanna flood control area is also a favorite spot to hunt big game.

Southern Indiana County, where it borders with Westmoreland County, is also popular with big game hunters. Try State Game Land 153 near the Conemaugh River. Many Pennsylvania hunters also like the 10,000 acres in PA State Game Land 111 in Somerset County, and state game lands 138 and 51 in southern Fayette county. The three state game lands in Greene County are also good for deer, as well as small game.

If you like to get away from the crowds, try the Allegheny National Forest, especially State Game Land 29 in central Warren County. With 9,363 acres, and no motorized travel, the area is remote and rich with big game and other wildlife. PA State Game Land 86 is another popular hunting spot in Warren County. In nearby Forest County, you'll find no four-lane highways and not one single traffic light. There are actually more deer in Forest County than people! Try State Game Land 24, especially the dense cover along Coon Creek for good hunting.

Small Game Hunting

Just north of Pittsburgh in Butler County you'll find Moraine State Park and its 13,000 acres of lands available for hunting during established seasons. Common small game found here include waterfowl, grouse, pheasant, rabbit, and squirrel. Moraine State Park is also a great location for some big game hunting with deer and black bear also being common.

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