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Pittsburgh Mayors


From Pittsburgh's beginning as a city in 1816 there have been 59 Pittsburgh mayors. Four individuals are included twice on that list, because they held the post during separate, non-consecutive, terms. As an interesting side note, 22 of Pittsburgh's former mayors are buried in the city's historic Allegheny Cemetery.

Many Pittsburgh mayors you may recognize by name. David L. Lawrence was one - the revered mayor who oversaw Pittsburgh's revitalization during the period known as Renaissance I. Pete Flaherty is another name most Pittsburgh residents will recognize. He's the one who flipped the switch on the new fountain at Point State Park in 1974. Probably the most popular mayor in Pittsburgh history, Richard S. Caliguiri oversaw Pittsburgh's second renaissance during the early 1980s. And who could forget Sophie Masloff, the outspoken, hardworking woman who served as Pittsburgh's first female mayor. Tom Murphy followed her, and held the mayor's position for ten years, the longest term of any Pittsburgh mayor in history after David L. Lawrence. And then Bob O'Connor was sworn in to the office he called his "dream job," only to be striken down by cancer after only 8 short months in office.

Pittsburgh Mayors & the Years They Served

Ebenezer Denny 1816-1817
John Darraugh 1817-1825
John M. Snowden 1825-1828
Magnus K. Murray 1828-1830
Matthew B. Lowrie 1830-1831
Magnus K. Murray 1831-1832
Samuel Pettigrew 1832-1836
Jonas R. McClintock 1836-1839
William Little 1839-1840
William W. Irwin 1840-1841
James Thomson 1841-1842
Alexander Hay 1842-1845
William J. Howard 1845-1846
William Kerr MD 1846-1847
Gabriel Adams 1847-1849
John Herron 1849-1850
Joseph Barker 1850–1851
John B. Guthrie 1851–1853
Robert M. Riddle 1853–1854
Ferdinand E. Volz 1854–1856
William Bingham 1856–1857
Henry A. Weaver 1857–1860
George Wilson 1860–1862
Benjamin C. Sawyer 1862–1864
James Lowry, Jr. 1964–1866
William C. McCarthy 1866–1868
James Blackmore 1868–1869
Jared M. Brush 1869–1872
James Blackmore 1872–1875
William C. McCarthy 1875–1878
Robert Liddell 1878–1881
Robert W. Lyon 1881–1884
Andrew Fulton 1884–1887
William McCallin 1887–1890
Henry I. Gourley 1890–1893
Bernard J. McKenna 1893–1896
Henry P. Ford 1896–1899
William J. Diehl 1899–1901
Adam M. Brown 1901
Joseph O. Brown 1901–1903
William B. Hayes 1903–1906
George W. Guthrie 1906–1909
William A. Magee 1909–1914
Joseph G. Armstrong 1914–1918
Edward V. Babcock 1918–1922
William A. Magee 1922–1926
Charles H. Kline 1926–1933
John S. Herron 1933–1934
William N. McNair 1934–1936
Cornelius D. Scully 1936–1946
David L. Lawrence 1946–1959
Thomas Gallagher 1959
Joseph M. Barr 1959–1970
Peter F. Flaherty 1970–1977
Richard S. Caliguiri 1977–1988
Sophie Masloff 1988–1994
Tom Murphy 1994–2006
Bob O'Connor 2006
Luke Ravenstahl 2006–present

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