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Mr. Yuk - Poison Help & Prevention


Mr. Yuk symbolizes dangerous and poisonous items

Mr. Yuk Symbol

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Mr. Yuk means No! The scowling green face of Mr. Yuk is easily recognized by children and parents around the world as a warning for poisonous substances that should be avoided. The National Poison Center and other poison centers across the United States and in other parts of the world distribute Mr. Yuk stickers for parents to put on poisonous products and all telephones in the home. On it is the phone number for the national poison control hotline in case of a question or poisoning emergency.


Mr. Yuk was created by the Pittsburgh Poison Center at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh in 1971. The goal was to create an eye-catching symbol that would alert children to harmful substances and create awareness for the 24-hour emergency hotline at the poison control center. Several symbols were tested, but it was the neon green Mr. Yuk that children loathed most, with one child labeling him "yucky."
Mr. Yuk was created to replace the common skull and crossbones symbol previously used to identify poisons after research indicated that it had little meaning to children who equate the symbol with exciting things like pirates and adventure.
Since then, Mr. Yuk has become the national face of poison prevention, used to educate children and adults about poison prevention and to promote poison center awareness. More than 42 million Mr. Yuk stickers are distributed around the world annually. Mr. Yuk now bears the national, toll-free number to call in a poisoning emergency, 1-800-222-1222. Dialing the number routes the caller to the nearest poison control center anywhere in the United States.

Poison Prevention:

Even with the widespread use of Mr. Yuk stickers, more than 4 million accidental poisonings are reported in the U.S. each year. Sixty-five percent of those involve children. The most common forms of poisoning among small children are vitamins, aspirins, cleaning and beauty supplies. Pets can be accidentally poisoned as well, and many poison control centers will handle those calls as well.

Free Mr. Yuk Stickers:

To request a free sheet of Mr. Yuk stickers, please send a self-addressed stamped business size envelope to:

Mr. Yuk
Pittsburgh Poison Center
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
3705 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2583

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