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Underworld Adventures in PA


With all there is to see and do in Pennsylvania, it’s easy to forget the diverse experiences that await visitors underground. While some of the caverns are open in the winter, the sites are especially nice for summer travel since they are naturally air-conditioned and remain a constant cool temperature.

1. Coral Caverns

Manns Choice, PA
At Coral Caverns’ underground wonderland, explore the only known coral reef cavern in existence and discover an abundance of fossils, stalactites and stalagmites. Coral Caverns is located 6 miles west of Bedford on Route 31 in Manns Choice.

2. Crystal Cave

Kutztown, PA
The most visited cave site in Pennsylvania, Crystal Cave is known for its profuse and varied formations. This site has it all including shops, fast food, trails, 125 acres and a museum located off Route 22 near Kutztown.

3. Indian Caverns

Spruce Creek, PA
Indian Caverns boasts 150 Indian relics including rarities such as a pre-Columbian “lacrosse” ball. Guided tours cover nearly a mile of massive rock formations. Indian Caverns is located on Route 45 in Spruce Creek.

4. Indian Echo Caverns

Hummelstown, PA
Indian Echo Caverns offers a 45-minute tour, plus activities for the whole family. Pan for gemstones at Gem Mill Junction, enjoy the gift shop or picnic on the grounds. Close to Hershey attractions, Indian Echo Caverns is located on Middletown Road in Hummelstown. The furthest cave on this list from Pittsburgh.

5. Laurel Caverns

Hopwood, PA
Come up for the view, then go down for spelunking at Laurel Caverns. Enjoy a seven-county view from the grounds and more than three miles of passages. Laurel Caverns is located off Route 40 between Uniontown and Farmington. The closest of the major Pennsylvania caverns to Pittsburgh!

6. Penn's Cave

Centre Hall, PA
America’s only all-water cavern and wildlife park has been open since 1885. Penn’s Cave offers a one-mile guided motorboat tour and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Penn’s Cave is located 18 miles east of State College and five miles east of Centre Hall on Route 192.

7. Lincoln Caverns

Huntingdon, Pa
Discover two separate incredible caverns – Lincoln Caverns and Whisper Rocks, near Raystown Lake. Kids can suit up like a real spelunker and move through the simulated Kids Cave Crawl. Lincoln Caverns is located three miles west of Huntingdon on Route 22.

8. Lost River Caverns

Hellertown, PA
Experience the wonder of abundant crystal formations, an underground river and five unique chamber. One of the cavern rooms is a dedicated chapel, so visitors can even book Lost River for underground weddings. Lost River Caverns is located in Hellertown, south of Bethlehem off of I-78 at Exit 21.

9. Woodward Cave

Woodward, PA
Known as “The Big One,” Woodward Cave features the “Tower of Babel,” the largest stalagmite in Pennsylvania. Enjoy the splendor of five large rooms on a guided tour. Woodward Cave is located in Centre County off of Route 45.
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