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Famous People from Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania

Meet some of the well-known people, both past and present, who have called the Pittsburgh area home, including celebrities from the music and film industries, famous political figures, scientists and sports heroes.
  1. Celebrated Artists (3)
  2. Industrial Barons (6)
  3. Noteworthy Musicians (7)
  4. Prominent Pioneers (10)
  5. Sports Heroes (12)
  6. Stage & Screen (19)
  7. Well-Known Writers (6)

Lauryn Williams - Olympic Runner
Learn about the life and track career of Lauryn Williams, a professional track and field sprint athelete and Olympic champion. Born and raised in Rochester, Pennsylvania, a borough located 25 miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh.

Chet Welch
Learn more about Chet Welch - a pharmaceutical customer service rep and pageant coach from Ford City, Pennsylvania - and a contestant on Survivor Micronesia - Fans vs Favorites. Learn about Chet Welch who has lived his entire life in Ford City, just north of Pittsburgh, plus view photos and learn about the interests, ambitions and goals of Chad Welch.

Lynn Swann
Learn about the life, family, career and political views of Lynn Swann, former professional football player and current sports broadcaster and candidate for governor of Pennsylvania.

Becky Lee
Learn more about Rebekah Becky Lee, a South Korean Survivor contestant in Survivor 13 - Survivor Cook Islands. Learn about Becky Lee who grew in Pittsburgh, plus view photos and learn about Becky Lee's interests, ambitions and goals.

Michael Hayden
Learn about the life and family of Air Force general and CIA director Michael Hayden in this brief biography and profile.

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