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Pittsburgh Facts & Statistics

Get statistics and facts on the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, including income, crime, housing and other demographic and statistical data. Also includes facts & statistics on surrounding Western Pennsylvania communities.

How Big is Pittsburgh?
Many people consider Pittsburgh as one of the larger American cities in terms of population, and are surprised to learn that it doesn't even make the top 50. Learn just how Pittsburgh is, and what the numbers and statistics really mean.

Pittsburgh Facts & Firsts
Get basic facts and figures on the city of Pittsburgh, including key dates, city population, median family income, unemployment rate and geography, plus an overview of famous Pittsburgh "firsts."

Fun Facts About Pittsburgh
From the number of bridges to the reason Pittsburgh is spelled with an "H," learn some interesting facts about the former Steel City.

Movies Made in Pittsburgh
More than 50 major movies and films have been shot on location in the Pittsburgh area during the past decade, including the Academy Award-winning Silence of the Lambs, Lorenzo's Oil, and Hoffa.

Bridges and Tunnels of Pittsburgh
Find design information, architectural details, photos, history, and locations for bridges and tunnels in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Search by name, location, design, or use.

County Health Profiles - PA Department of Health
Health Profiles are available for each county and for the current year. . Numerous statistics are shown for various health-related subject areas including demographics (population by age & sex), pregancy, diseases, cancer, mortality, birth, drug & alcohol abuse treatment facilities, hospital data and nursing home statistics.

Pennsylvania School Profiles
District and school level profiles are available which cover everything from average test scores and student attendance to staffing and programs.

Pennsylvania State Data Center
The Commonwealth's official source of demographic and economic data. including population estimates, projections and many social, housing and economic characteristics. View by state, county or city.

Pennsylvania State Symbols
Why is Pennsylvania the Keystone State? What is the State Flag? If you need information on the state song, state animal, and even the state fossil, they are all here!

PG Benchmarks
A wonderful project of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which compares the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Region with 14 other similar sized metro areas. Ranging from the economy to education and public services to quality of life, PG Benchmarks uses some 60 measures to give a broad and balanced view of many of the key aspects of life in these regions.

Relocation Crime Lab
See how your Pennsylvania city's crime rate compares to the rest of the nation. Includes Pittsburgh as well as many smaller area communities such as Bethel Park and Greensburg.

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