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Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant

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Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant at Beaver Valley Mall

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With locations in Gibsonia and Beaver Valley Mall, the Three Amigos restaurant is a welcome addition to the Pittsburgh dining scene. The locally-owned Mexican restaurant is far better and more authentic than any of the major national Mexican restaurant chains. Apparently relying on recipes from the chef's grandmother, the Three Amigos has a nice variety of food at good prices.

The Scene

The walls at the Three Amigos are brightly colored and are decorated with a few Mexican items or paintings.

The Food

The owners of the Three Amigos describe their operation as being based on the recipes of the family grandmother whose cooking was well-known in her region of Mexico. Everything containing cheese is made with traditional Mexican queso blanco instead of the usual yellow cheddar used everywhere else; this helps add to the authentic tastes. There is an unusually large vegetarian selection, too.

How Hot is It?
That's a common question asked about Mexican food, and most dishes at the Three Amigos aren't too spicy in comparison to most Mexican restaurants. A few are quite spicy - surprisingly so, in fact. Most places where I've had Chile Relleno it's been very mild; here it was very hot (it also claims to be made with a bell pepper, not a chile pepper). The Chile Poblano was similarly hot.

Salsa & Guacamole
Every Mexican restaurant serves chips and salsa before the meal, but none serve a salsa like the Three Amigos. The cilantro is prominent, but not overbearing. It's heavy on the onions, but not very spicy. It's homemade and the fresh taste is far superior to what you typically get in chain restaurants. Three Amigos salsa can be purchased in small tubs to take home. The guacamole, on the other hand, tasted fine but was heavily mixed with sour cream - an unusual decision that detracts from the flavor.

Appetizers & Munchies
We split the Nachos with the Works - beef, chicken, beans, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. It compares very favorably with the nachos you can get elsewhere and is probably better than most. The use of queso blanco helps make the flavor stand out above most nachos we've had. Like most things we tried from the menu, the spice in the nachos was very mild.


When we ate at the Three Amigos, they didn't have a liquor license yet so there were no margaritas, beers, or anything of the sort. There is a large bar area, however, so we can expect such drinks to come soon. Fountain drinks and teas come in large glasses with free refills on most. There are also a number of speciality Mexican sodas, juices, and something called an Orchata - a rice drink made with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. It's a bit sweet and very different tasting.

Combos & Deals

There are more than a dozen different combo deals offering three main items (enchiladas, burritos, tacos, chalupas, tamales, quesadilas, etc.) plus beans and rice. The beans are creamier than is commonly the case and the rice milder. These combos are priced well and provide a very good value because what you get is quite filling for usually less then $10.


The staff at the Three Amigos was friendly and helpful. The waitress was knowledgable about the food and could answer questions about what was in the dishes and what they tasted like.

Dining at the Three Amigos Mexican Restaurant

The Three Amigos can be found near the JC Penney's at Beaver Valley Mall. The original Three Amigos is in Gibsonia and the new location is a welcome addition to dining in the Beaver Valley Mall area. They are far better and more authentic than Chi-Chi's ever was. In the past I enjoyed eating at Don Pablo's, but recently the quality of the menu has declined and I haven't enjoyed eating there as much as before.

Now, though, I won't feel the loss of either restaurant nearly as much. There are several more things I'd like to try on the Three Amigos menu and I look forward to eating there again.

The Three Amigos restaurants appear to be affiliated with the La Casa Narcisi winery in Gibsonia.

Location & Contact Information

Three Amigos
600 Beaver Valley Mall
Monaca, PA 15061

Three Amigos
5378 Route 8
Gibsonia, PA 15044

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