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Primanti Brothers Restaurant

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Primanti Brother's Famous Sandwich

"Almost Famous" Primanti Brother's Sandwich

With a sandwich that would make Dagwood drool, Primanti Brothers restaurant is a Pittsburgh institution. Their signature sandwich stuffs sizzling meat, melted cheese, hand-cut french fries, tomatoes and coleslaw between two big slices of crusty Italian bread. Fast, friendly, and not especially good for your waistline, Primanti's is the place to go when you're really hungry.

The Scene
What started out in 1933 as a working-class bar in the Strip District, Primanti Brothers has since expanded to 10 other Pittsburgh locations, plus a home-away-from-home for displaced Pittsburghers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A casual neighborhood joint, Primantis is popular with the after-work and after-hours crowds. Most locations serve alchohol, but none designate a non-smoking section.

The Food
Hot, fast, and greasy, a Primanti Brother's sandwich is a meal all by itself. The cheesesteak version (a burger, not shaved steak) is the most popular, but there are plenty of other meaty choices. The fries are hand-cut, the slaw tangy, and the bread warm and crusty, the way good Italian bread should be. Just about the most filling sandwich you'll find anywhere - imitated by many, but equaled by few.

Primanti Brothers Restaurant
46 18th Street (Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 152222
(412) 263-2142

Prices: Sandwiches, Salads and Soups $3-$6

Hours: Strip District location open 24 hours. The rest vary.

City Locations: Strip District, Cherry Way, Oakland, South Side, Market Square, PNC Park, Heinz Field

Suburban Locations: Robinson Township, North Versailles, Pleasant Hills, Harmarville

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