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Pittsburgh Coffee Houses

Where to Get a Great Cup of Coffee in Pittsburgh


Nicholas Coffee Company in Market Square, downtown Pittsburgh

Nicholas Coffee Company in Market Square

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Pittsburghers definitely love their coffee. Pittsburgh supermarkets sell about 3.4 pounds of ground coffee per capita each year, more than those in any other big U.S. city, according to market research firm ACNielsen. As such, it is no surprise that coffee houses can be found in most Pittsburgh neighborhoods, from the requisit Starbucks to the more interesting independent coffee cafes and shops.

As the name suggests, coffee houses focus on serving coffee and tea. Most Pittsburgh coffee houses sell coffee beans by the pound as well as coffee by the cup. They pretty much all offer lights snacks and pastries, and some offer more extensive food selections, including soups, sandwiches, salads and light desserts. Some Pittsburgh coffee houses also double as art galleries, play host to coffee readings, or coexist as a casual cyber cafe.

Favorite Pittsburgh Coffee Houses

Coffee houses aren't a new fad in Pittsburgh. Nicholas Coffee Co. has been roasting and selling gourmet coffee beans in Pittsburgh since 1919. Their Market Square landmark store in downtown Pittsburgh is a great place for a cup of coffee, and also offers teas and specialty foods from all over the world. You can buy Nicholas Coffee on the Internet, too - they roast it fresh and ship it the same day.

Another local favorite with coffee enthusiasts is La Prima Espresso, an Italian style espresso bar in the Strip District. La Prima is known for its espresso and cappucino, and also offers pastries and light lunches. La Prima roasts its own beans as well, and supplies coffee to many of the better Pittsburgh restaurants, as well as selling it retail at their stores and over the Internet. Additional La Prima locations include downtown Pittsburgh, and three locations on the Carnegie Mellon campus in Oakland.

Where to Find Pittsburgh Coffee Houses

Great coffee houses are found all over the greater Pittsburgh area, but the majority can be found in the city neighborhoods - downtown, the South Side, Oakland, Shadyside, East Liberty and the Strip District. As you head out of the city, Mt. Lebanon has quite a few. To find one near you, try this list of popular Pittsburgh Coffee Houses.

Then There's Starbucks

If you want good coffee, but put convenience before atmosphere, then there are dozens of Starbucks locations around the greater Pittsburgh area. Starbucks kiosks can even be found inside of some area Giant Eagle grocery store locations, in area Barnes & Noble bookstores, and in most Pittsburgh area shopping malls.

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