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Society, Culture & History

Learn about the people and events which have shaped Pittsburgh's past and are part of its present. Plus, social services, houses of worship, and resources for singles, seniors, teens, women, kids and families.
  1. African American (16)
  2. Amish (31)
  3. Pittsburgh Families
  4. Famous Folks - Pittsburgh
  5. Gay & Lesbian (18)
  6. Genealogy (15)
  7. History & Research (26)
  8. Religion & Spirituality (44)
  9. Seniors (54)
  10. Singles (15)
  11. Women (11)

Pittsburghese - The Language of Pittsburgh
If yinzes are planning a visit to Picksburg then you might want to learn a bit of the local lingo. It's a 'Burgh thing!

Pennsylvania Amish - Culture, Beliefs & Lifestyle
Learn about the beliefs which dictate much of Amish daily life, and how Amish orders differ in matters of dress, technology, education and daily family life.

Three Centuries of Pittsburgh History
Pittsburgh's growth from an outcropping visited by traders to a early 20th century industrial center to its position today as a center for technology, medicine and tourism charts a path through many of the important events in U.S. history.

Pittsburgh's Ethnic Mosaic
Explore Pittsburgh's rich ethnic traditions from the striking architecture of Ukranian and Lithuanian churches to ethnic foods such as perogies, lox and specialty microbrews

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