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Seldom Seen Coal Mine


Seldom Seen Coal Mine

Seldom Seen Coal Mine, Cambria County, PA

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Once a small family operated coal mine in Cambria County, the Seldom Seen Mine is now run exclusively as a tourist operation. The mine was originally opened as Miller Run Mine no. 8 by Fred Maurer of Patton, PA, in 1939. Production at the mine, which became Chest Creek Mine 1 in 1942, increased rapidly throughout the 1940s, peaking in 1951 when 33,538 tons were shipped out of the coal mine by rail. Production at the mine was shut down in 1963, but the mine has continued as a tourist mine.

What to Expect:

The Seldom Seen Mine offers a fun, underground trip into day-to-day life in a coal mine. As a relatively intact example of a once operating coal mine, the Seldom Seen Mine is an authentic experience, with personally-guided mine tours conducted by former miners. Many of the tour guides are actually descendants of the immigrant miners who once toiled in the coal mines of the area. The Seldom Seen Mine is small enough that you can easily explore the entire coal operation, from mining to shipping.

Seldom Seen Mine Tours & Hours:

Hours: The Seldom Seen Tourist Coal Mine is open Saturday & Sunday in June, Thursday - Sunday in July and August, and for scheduled group tours only in May and September. Also open Memorial Day weekend, July 4th and Labor Day weekend. Tours begin at noon and the last tour leaves at 5:00 p.m.

Admission: Adults $7.00, Children 12 & under $4.00. Group rates available for 25 or more.

Haunted Mine:

The Seldom Seen Mine operates special haunted mine tours in mid- to late-October, where ghosts and goblins come to life!

Seldom Seen Tourist Mine
Route 36
Patton, Pennsylvania 16668
(814) 247-6305

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