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Amish Recipes & Cooking

Browse through this collection of online recipes and cooking tips from traditional Amish and Mennonite kitchens. Find Amish friendship bread, sugar cookies and other favorite Amish recipes.

Amishcountry.org - Amish Recipes
Browse through user submitted recipes on this Web site from Amish country in northern Indiana, or submit your own.

Amish Food Habits, Customs, Practices and Preferences
Eating habits vary among the Amish depending on where they live, the type of work they do, and the mode of transportation they use.

Amish Friendship Bread
This delicious recipe includes the starter and full instructions for mixing and baking traditional Amish Friendship Bread. From Stay-at-Home Parents Guide, Barbara Whiting.

Amish Friendship Cake
Enjoy this free recipe for a perennial Amish favorite from the About Southern Cooking site run by Guide Diana Rattray.

Amish Homestead - Amish Recipes
Over 100 Amish recipes submitted by visitors to the Amish Homestead Web Portal of Lancaster PA.

Amish Mennonite Free Recipes
A collection of favorite Amish recipes offered for free online from the Amish Mennonite Cookbook. Includes a bit of everything from appetizers and desserts to breads and home remedies.

Amish Peanut Butter
A sweet concoction used as a bread spread or ice cream topper. From About Southern Living Guide, Diana Rattray.

Amish Recipes - Cook Up A Taste of Amish Living
A nice collection of Amish recipes including short anecdotes as well as cooking and baking tips.

"The Best of Amish Cooking"
This delicious collection of traditional and contemporary recipes adapted from the kitchens and pantries of Old Order Amish cooks also includes a short introduction to the Amish people and their food traditions. Compare Prices...

Nancy's Kitchen - Amish Recipes
A nice-size collection of Amish recipes that reflect the rich German heritage of the Amish people. Find recipes for everything from Amish apple grunt to drop Amish cookies.

Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine
A small collection of popular Amish recipes including shoo-fly pie, rivvel soup, fastnachts, dandelion salad, and Amish friendship bread.

RecipeLu's Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes
A collection of 30+ recipes from Pennsylvania Dutch country, including pork scrapple, spiced cantaloupe, and plenty of baked goodies.

Recipes from the Heart of Missouri - Amish Recipes
Recipes collected from a small Amish community include housewife bread, Amish bean soup, aylmer bread, lemon sponge pie, onion patties, cabbage chowder, basque potatos, and lazy wife cake.

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