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Learn more about the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities, including its transformation from a smoky steel town to a clean, beautiful city full of green buildings and high tech companies. Explore the best that Pittsburgh has to offer and learn about the places and people that make this region unique. Find everything you need to know to live in, research, visit, or plan a move to Pittsburgh.
  1. Uniquely Pittsburgh
  2. Eating Out
  3. Shopping & Services
  4. Living in Pittsburgh
  1. Visiting Pittsburgh
  2. Home & Family Life
  3. Society & Culture
  4. History & Research

Uniquely Pittsburgh

What makes the city of Pittsburgh unique? From the easily recognizable Pittsburghese spoken by the locals, to facts and firsts for which the city is famous, learn about the people, places, foods and other things that make Pittsburgh one-of-a-kind.

Eating Out

Find Pittsburgh area restaurants by location or cuisine, or read restaurant reviews, top pick lists and other content focused on helping you find a good place to eat in and around Pittsburgh.

Shopping & Services

Check out Pittsburgh area shopping malls, plan a Pittsburgh wedding, learn where to find great antiques or local farm markets, or learn about financial and other service providers in the greater Pittsburgh area

Living in Pittsburgh

Find information for Pittsburgh residents, from government and city services to local news and weather. Includes information on finding a new home or a new job for individuals considering a move to the Pittsburgh area (including college students), or who just want to relocate to a new part of the city.

Visiting Pittsburgh

Plan for your visit to the city of Pittsburgh or surrounding Western Pennsylvania communities with these tips for your Pittsburgh visit. Learn about city and driving tours and excursions, the best sights to see and things to do, how to get around town, where to stay, and other travel tips for your visit to Pittsburgh.

Home & Family Life

Pittsburgh is a very family-oriented community, with a wealth of resources for its residents. Find information and resources on improving your home, caring for your pet and landscaping your yard, plus resources for specific populations such as kids, teens and seniors. Plus family activities!

Society & Culture

Explore the rich multi-cultural city of Pittsburgh and its many opportunities. Find resources and information on religion and houses of worship, charity and volunteerism, and the many ethnic groups and member communities that make up the Pittsburgh region, including singles, women, gay and lesbian, African Americans and the Amish.

History & Research

Learn about the people, places and events which have shaped Pittsburgh's past and are part of its present. Research the rich history of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, trace your Pittsburgh area family tree, or learn about historic disasters such as the Johnstown Flood and the 911 crash of Flight 93.

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