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Pittsburgh Weather Forecasts and School Closings
Plan your day with these local Pittsburgh area weather forecasts and predictions, school closing updates, and weather emergency preparedness tips.
Can Woolly Worms Really Predict the Winter Weather? - Insects
Woolly worms are thought to predict the winter weather with the size of their colored ... found an 80% accuracy rate for the woolly worms' weather predictions.
The Old Farmer's Almanac 2008-2009 Winter Weather Predictions
Each fall, skiers and snowboarders eagerly await The Old Farmer's Almanac predictions for the upcoming winter. The oldest continuously published periodical in ...
Winter Weather Folklore - About.com
But if this is simply too long to wait, why not head outside and put the power of forecasting into your own hands--with the aid of weather folklore, that is!
Today's Extreme Weather: Beginning of the End?
It would be easy to discount these predictions as millennium hysteria if today's weather around the world did not, in fact, seem to be going crazy. No matter ...
A Rare White Woolly Worm Sighting! - Weather - About.com
Sep 4, 2013 ... Similar to their relatives, they too are weather prognosticators, except whereas orange and black woollies predict winter temperatures (black ...
White Christmas 2014 Forecast | About.com Weather
But whereas the interest near the beginning of the season is for travel-friendly weather, a mere month later, it's for anything but. I'm of course talking about the ...
Should a Weather Forecaster Be Punished When His Forecast - Media
When his weather forecast is wrong, outdoor plans can be ruined. Critics say a weather forecaster should be punished when his predictions contain errors.
Weather Magic and Folklore - Weather Divination - Paganism/Wicca
While the notion of holding a fat rodent up to see if he projects a shadow seems quirky and campy, it's actually something similar to weather predictions done ...
What is a Sundog? - Weather - About.com
Apr 28, 2007 ... Amazingly, like many types of weather folklore, there may be some ... Making rhymes, sayings, and predictions about the weather was (in a ...
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