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Pittsburgh International Airport
A Guide to the #1 Rated Airport in the U.S.
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The Pittsburgh International Airport is one of the world's most modern airport terminal complexes. Opened in October 1992, it services more than 20 million passengers per year. Nearly 590 non-stop flights connect Pittsburgh to 119 cities each day. Pittsburgh International serves as the hub for USAirways and is also serviced by all other major U.S. airlines, including American, United, Delta and Northwest.

The Pittsburgh International Airport sits on 12,900 acres and is the 4th largest airport in the country in terms of land mass (it is twice the size of downtown Pittsburgh). It is located 16 miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh in Findley Township. Taxi and shuttle bus service connect the airport to downtown and suburban hotels.

Conde Naste Traveler readers voted Pittsburgh International as the #1 airport in the United States and #3 in the world. Frequent Flyer singled out Pittsburgh International as one of the top three airports to provide the widest variety of healthy menu choices and Pittsburgh's airport was the first in the nation to have a fitness center for employees and passengers.

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