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1201 Bruce Hall
University of Pittsburgh

Bruce Hall is a residence hall at the University of Pittsburgh, with the exception of the 2nd floor which is used by University services and the top floor where 1201 is located. Bruce Hall Room 1201 is used to cater dinners and receptions and, is reportedly, the home of a ghost of two.

Many waitresses and others who have worked in that room over the years have reported strange experiences and unexplained phenomenon.  These mysterious occurrences usually happen late at night when few people are present. Spooky noises, moving objects and ghostly footsteps have all been reported. A fully doused log in the fireplace was even said to have re-ignited by itself into a roaring blaze.

The rumor is that the wife and mistress of the man who owned the Schenley Hotel committed suicide in 1201 Bruce Hall. One reportedly jumped to her death from the top of the building, while the other hanged herself from the balcony behind the fireplace.

The Office of Special Events has named their ghost Harriett and hang a Christmas stocking for her each year...


Bruce Hall, University of Pittsburgh



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