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Pittsburgh - A City of Bridges
Picture of the Allegheny River bridges from downtown Pittsburgh

Allegheny River Bridges at Downtown Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh Bridges on the Allegheny - North Shore Bridges

The bridges which cross the Allegheny river near downtown Pittsburgh and the Point include the Ft. Duquesne Bridge (1969), the identical Sixth (1928), Seventh (1926), and Ninth Street Bridges (1928), the Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge (1904), the Veteran's Bridge (1987), and the Sixteenth Street Bridge (1923). The Ft. Duquesne Bridge, nearly the twin of the Ft. Pitt Bridge on the opposite side of Point State Park, is also known as "the bridge to nowhere" due to delays in construction which left the northern end of the span hanging in midair for many years. One famous story involves a University of Pittsburgh student who, on December 12, 1964,  drove her station wagon off the end of the bridge and landed unhurt on the other side.


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