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Squirrel Hill - Neighborhood of Pittsburgh


Squirrel Hill, located east of Downtown Pittsburgh, is surrounded by the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Greenfield, Hazelwood, Glen Hazel, Swisshelm Park, Regent Square, Shadyside, Oakland, and Point Breeze.
The Squirrel Hill neighborhood is one of Pittsburgh's most popular, with a variety of ethnic restaurants, delis, bakeries, old fashioned grocery stores (which still deliver), and landmark taverns, as well as chic new eateries, trendy boutiques, movie theaters, and upscale shops. Frick Park and Schenley Park border Squirrel Hill, offering residents a wide range of recreational activities including biking (be prepared for hills), walking, rollerblading, ice skating, tennis, and golf.
Homes in Squirrel Hill range from high-rise apartments on Forbes and Murray Avenues to sprawling brick mansions on Fair Oaks. Whether you're looking for a quaint apartment, or a contemporary house with a garage, you'll find it in Squirrel Hill.
Squirrel Hill's culturally diverse population includes a harmonious mix of families, affluent older homeowners, young singles, and students from nearby Chatham College and Carnegie Mellon University.
Squirrel Hill is represented by two City Council Districts: District 5 and District 8.

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--Neighborhood description courtesy of the City of Pittsburgh. All rights reserved.

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