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Pittsburgh Food Traditions
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Foods which got their start in Pittsburgh, some of which are now famous throughout the world. Some Pittsburgh natives who have moved away from the 'Burgh actually pay to have these foods shipped to them!

Clark Bar
The D. L. Clark Company was born in two back rooms of a house in what is now Pittsburgh's North Side in 1886. The famous Clark candy bar is now an American tradition.

Devonshire Sandwich
This open-face chicken or turkey sandwich was invented here in Pittsburgh by Frank Blandi in 1936 at his first restaurant, the Stratford in Oakland. Blandi also started several other area restaurants, including Le Mont on Mt. Washington.

Heinz Ketchup
Heinz products are another proud Pittsburgh tradition. Heinz founder, Henry Heinz, literally sank his competition in the 1880's when he bought the products and equipment of a competing company and sank them in the Allegheny River!

Iron City Beer
Brewed fresh daily at the Pittsburgh Brewery in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, Iron City beer is definitely a Pittsburgh tradition. One of the first true lager beers brewed in the United States.

Isaly's Chipped Ham
By far, one of Pittsburgh's most famous foods, this thinly-sliced ham made its debut in 1933 at Isaly's, a local family chain of dairy/convenience stores. You can have it shipped to you anywhere in the country!

Klondike Bars
America's #1 selling ice cream bar got its start right here in Pittsburgh at Isaly's, the same store which brought us chipped ham. Now sold nationally by Breyers/Good Humor in eight flavors.

Primanti Brothers
A Pittsburgh institution, the "almost famous" Primanti Brother's sandwich comes with fries and slaw. What makes it special?  The fries and slaw come in the sandwich, not just with it. 

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