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Ready, Set, Summer Camp!

Summer Camps & Day Programs in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania


Summer camp - it's more than a vacation. It's a place where a child can develop independence, new skills and the ability to make friends. Summer camp can encourage an appreciation of the outdoors, foster a spirit of teamwork and cooperation and encourage your child to explore talents, interests and values.

Summer camp is fun and education all rolled into one. The Greater Pittsburgh / Southwestern Pennsylvania area offers a huge number of wonderful summer camps to fit all ages and interests from sports camps to Christian camps. You can even find unique camps such as inventors camp, chess camp, rocket and kite-making camp, robotics camp and rock climbing camp. If your child has special needs there are special summer camps for them too! One camp even offers fun for the whole family with heated cabins, day programs for the kids, activities for the adults and evening campfire programs for everyone.

Pittsburgh Area Summer Camps

Academic / Educational Summer Camps
Adventure Summer Camps
Sports Summer Camps
Art & Performance Summer Camps
Science & Nature Summer Camps
Special Needs Summer Camps
Spiritual Summer Camps
Tech Summer Camps

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