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Black History in Western PA
Guide picks
Learn about the contributions of African Americans to the history of Western Pennsylvania, celebrate Black History Month events, explore PA Underground Railroad sites and more.

African Americans in the Battle of Lake Erie
Lake Erie's black seamen fought with courage, distinction, and dignity in the War of 1812, and their efforts both served their country and helped secure the fundamental rights and freedoms of the United States of America.

Black History Month Special - 2002
Guides at About provide you with profiles, issues, topics, genealogy and local history.

Intro to the Underground Railroad of Western PA
A wonderful synopsis of the history of the Underground Railroad in Western PA from St. James AME Church in Erie, PA.

A Legacy in Bricks and Mortar
A Legacy in Bricks and Mortar: African-American Landmarks in Allegheny County tells the story of African-Americans in Allegheny County from the mid 1700s to the present day and shows 62 surviving buildings and places where black citizens have lived, studied, played, worked and worshiped. Compare Prices...

Lemoyne House
The Lemoyne House in Washington, PA is Pennsylvania's first National Historic Landmark of the Underground Railroad. Only about six or seven other such sites exist in the entire United States.

Pittsburgh Crawfords
This Pittsburgh Hill-District baseball team won the 1935 Negro League Championship.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Black History Month
An archive of Black History Month articles published in the Pittsuburgh Post-Gazette during February 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1999.

Struggles in Steel
This film, by independent film makers Tony Buba and Ray Henderson, remembers African-Americans who worked and fought in the steel mills of Western PA.

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